Brigid (shadefell) wrote in chicago_gamers,

Hypothetical Game Time question: advice needed

I haven't run a game in a while, mostly because everyone I game with, or would like to game with, is very very busy and weekends are usually booked very solid very quickly.

I'm part of a loosely knit group of artists that often gets together on Thursday nights. Anywhere from 3-15 people usually shows up, and most of us do work the next day, but Thursdays are usually pretty free.

Do you lot think it would be possible for a small group of people to get together for 2-3 hours once a week during the weekday? Likesay, from 6-9? That's early enough for most people to get there, game, and then go home to get up for the next day.

That being said, can good roleplay take place in only 2-3 hours? Would the small amount of time spent be worth it?

Because our groups meet so infrequently, we've dropped all games but one, which meets every two months or so for about ten hours.

In your collective estimable wisdom, is a weekday meeting doable? Is the short amount of time doable?

What advice do you have for me?

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