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Looking for Players for Unique Fantasy GURPS Game [29 Nov 2007|10:17am]

I'm a GM who has been working on my own fantasy world since D&D started in the mid 70s.

I'm looking for more people to play in a campaign I will start soon after the holidays. I currently have 3 interested players. I'd like to have at least 5 before I start. I'm going to run the games at my house in Mount Prospect (about 2 or 3 miles from Games Plus). Mount Prospect is accessible from Chicago via Metra (and we can pick people up from the train station). Experienced GURPS players or players new to the system are welcome. I do have several copies of the Basic Set: Characters book which you can use if you don't already own a copy.

My world, Vallaya, has high-powered magic which is widespread and well integrated into the society. It also has realistic mundane technology similar to Earth between the 1770s and the 1830s. The world is peopled by a wide variety of standard fantasy races, animal-like humanoids, mythological creatures, humans, and aliens. This setting vaguely similar to "steam punk" with imagery from the colonial era.

The campaign is called "The Lost City of Light and Science" and will begin in alien jungles on the continent of Na. There are ruins of an extremely old non-magical, futuristic civilization which you will explore. The entire ecosystem in the jungle is completely unrelated to anything from Earth. The "plants" have dark purple leaves with tinges of bright, almost fluorescent blue-green. The beings who once ruled the civilization have 4 elephant-like trunks, no arms, scale-like natural armor, and dinosaur-like legs. The current alien society tends to be extremely insular, has medieval technology, and is broken into city-states and small principalities. The overall flavor I'm striving for is a mix of a Jules Verne novel, an Indiana Jones adventure, and a high-powered fantasy TV show.

I'm running the game using GURPS 4th edition rules. For those of you who are unfamiliar with GURPS, this system is probably the most flexible and realistic set of roleplaying rules on the market, even though it is arguably no more complex than d20 3.5.

If you are interested, reply to this post or contact me at mark (dot) adair (dot) stevens (at) gmail (dot) com and we can arrange to meet.
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Sooo i got a question [25 Jul 2007|05:13pm]

With me living all the way out in Texas now...does anyone want to take this community over at mod that lives in chicago or what?
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Hypothetical Game Time question: advice needed [02 Sep 2006|12:31pm]

I haven't run a game in a while, mostly because everyone I game with, or would like to game with, is very very busy and weekends are usually booked very solid very quickly.

I'm part of a loosely knit group of artists that often gets together on Thursday nights. Anywhere from 3-15 people usually shows up, and most of us do work the next day, but Thursdays are usually pretty free.

Do you lot think it would be possible for a small group of people to get together for 2-3 hours once a week during the weekday? Likesay, from 6-9? That's early enough for most people to get there, game, and then go home to get up for the next day.

That being said, can good roleplay take place in only 2-3 hours? Would the small amount of time spent be worth it?

Because our groups meet so infrequently, we've dropped all games but one, which meets every two months or so for about ten hours.

In your collective estimable wisdom, is a weekday meeting doable? Is the short amount of time doable?

What advice do you have for me?

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Tonight - 9:30pm! [23 Jun 2006|08:25am]

not directly about gaming, but I know sooo many gamers (myself included) are into Firefly/Serenity! --

Equality Now (www.equalitynow.org) was founded in 1992 to work for the protection and promotion of the human rights of women around the world. Working with national human rights organizations and individual activists, Equality Now documents violence and discrimination against women and mobilizes international action to support their efforts to stop these human rights abuses. This weekend, more than 45 theatres worldwide are holding a special screening of Joss Whedon's movie "Serenity", with proceeds to benefit Equality Now. The Chicago showing is Friday night at 9:30pm at the recently renovated historic Portage Theatre on N. Milwaukee Ave.

Movie synopsis and reviews: www.rottentomatoes.com/m/serenity - Serenity is rated PG-13.
Complete listing of other national screenings at: www.cantstoptheserenity.com

CHICAGO : Friday, June 23rd, 9:30pm
The Portage Theatre
4050 N. Milwaukee Avenue (Milwaukee and Irving Park)
Chicago, IL 60641
Tickets are $10 cash only at the door
(773) 205-7372
Free Parking (after 9pm) 1 block west at Cuyler and Laporte
Door prizes to be given away after the movie.

Can't make it to the screenings but still want to donate to Equality Now? Go to the donate page and under the field "How did you hear about Equality Now" please enter code "SNEN-BCCHI".
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[05 Jun 2006|09:04pm]

Okay, so my mind wanders aimlessly sometimes, and I think of random shit I haven't thought about in years, and then I go to try to dig it up. Usually, this is fruitless. Today is no exception. So I come to you guys...I'm looking for a rather infamous list of Garou deed names. Now, these are no ordinary, respectable, badass deed names. No, these are the worst of the worst. Pees-when-laughing, Cries-during-sex, plays-with-matches, runs-with-scissors, and humps-the-wyrm come readily to mind. It was some monumentally long list I was shown years back. I'm looking for it again. Anybody know where the full list is? Links would be very very appreciated! Thank you!
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Hey you! Yeah ...you! [07 Oct 2005|01:55pm]

Do you have a game? Or know of one that would appreciate the advertisement? Well post them! I am starting to make memories of the game so that people can get to the information if they so choose to come. ^___^ Thanks

Your Mod,
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Changeling LARP! [12 May 2005|07:22pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Action, Drama, Suspence, Romance...
and a Tentacle Monster named Cuddles.


Welcome to our World of DarknessCollapse )

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Website [03 Mar 2005|06:15pm]

The new website for Empire Rising is:


This is where all further updates will take place in the forseeable future.


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First Game for Empire Rising [05 Jan 2005|01:31am]

Hello all. The Vampire LARP Empire Rising will be having its first game January 7th at 7 pm. Further details can be had by signing onto the egroup at http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/EmpireRising/


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First Meeting for Empire Rising [09 Dec 2004|04:45pm]

Hey Gang

The first meeting for the Empire Rising Vampire LARP is today, Dec. 9th, from 6:00 to 9:30 pm, in Chicago at the DePaul Student center

Address: 2250 North Sheffield Ave

There is an entrance on Sheffield with a giant priest(no I'm not kidding) statue. Enter there and turnimmediately right. There is a small internet cafe there. Chris and I will wait there from 6-6:30 and then most likely move somewhere a little quieter
(upstairs is the cafeterias for DePaul and lots of quiet seating)
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CHICAGO-FRAGILE HOPE [04 Dec 2004|07:48pm]

[ mood | creative ]


A Mage the Accension LARP

Where: Fight Shop
When: 1st and 3rd Saturdays
Check in start: 7:30pm
Game start: As soon as you have your character sheet

STs: Kit B. and Kim C. (and yes will will have a 3rd ST very soon)

Anyone who shows before 8:00pm will earn 1 extra xp.


Saturday the 4th is our first game come make a character and enjoy
hanging out and chatting. What? You don't want to make a new
character ? You have an old one you enjoyed alot? BRING IT!! If it
is under 150 points and you can prove that it was played in another
Chronicle it is welcome in!!!

Yes our first night will be a soft RP night. You start play the
minute your sheet is approved.

So send in an old sheet or make a new character and email it to one
of the ST staff!

Character Creation/ST contactCollapse )

BackstoryCollapse )

FAQnessCollapse )

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Interests [03 Dec 2004|06:29pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

So the intrests are a little lacking in my opinion...anyone got any ideas as to what I should add into there? All suggestions welcomed and they will all more then likely be put up.


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Ooooh...sparkly... [30 Nov 2004|03:10am]

[ mood | tired ]

Just for those who would like to know...nifty big info about Changeling game coming up this weekend.

In Character InfoCollapse )
OOC infoCollapse )

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Oh the pimping ennui... [24 Nov 2004|07:38pm]

[ mood | drained ]

Well, let me be the first to pimp out a game.

It's an independently run Vampire LARP for Chicago. It's not running just yet, they are getting things set up. BUT! There is already a yahoo group with most of the information about the game set up, where ya know ya'll can ask stuff about the game.

Empire Rising

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We need to get the word out gang [24 Nov 2004|11:06am]

[ mood | determined ]

I know that there aren't a lot of members, and if ya really ask me mukkahai doesn't count just yet...but as head MOD I shall let that slide. ^_~

So, we need to pimp this place out people. Anyone got any good ideas other then our own journals that will let us do such a thing? ironlemur I am looking in your direction for some reason as to the knowing of such things.

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