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A Mage the Accension LARP

Where: Fight Shop
When: 1st and 3rd Saturdays
Check in start: 7:30pm
Game start: As soon as you have your character sheet

STs: Kit B. and Kim C. (and yes will will have a 3rd ST very soon)

Anyone who shows before 8:00pm will earn 1 extra xp.


Saturday the 4th is our first game come make a character and enjoy
hanging out and chatting. What? You don't want to make a new
character ? You have an old one you enjoyed alot? BRING IT!! If it
is under 150 points and you can prove that it was played in another
Chronicle it is welcome in!!!

Yes our first night will be a soft RP night. You start play the
minute your sheet is approved.

So send in an old sheet or make a new character and email it to one
of the ST staff!

Character Creation

Flaws limited to 7 points
Merits limited to 12 points (all merits must be approved)

Please add 5xp as our holiday gift to you for showing to the first

Add 5xp if you send us the sheet before midnight Friday!!

Add 3xp for sending in a background!!!

Please check our website for House Rules, background stories, mages
of note etc...


STs email



For the last 2 years the Chicago Mage community has been undergoing
political strife. It began with the death of a loved and respected
council member. With the members death the council choose the new
person to take their seat one James D. Franks of the Euthanatos.
James was not well liked within the comminity and his rise to
political power angered more then a few of the mages in the city.
However thanks to the council head Sean Gallows the Virtual Adepts
decided to give James a chance as the head of Correspondance.
Though the city for a time seemed to be peaceful in the shadows a
movement was forming against the council. It was rumored that Sean
had grown weak in his position allowing himself to be talked over
and over ruled by the ever ambitious James. Soon it became aparent
that the council was withholding information. There were rumors
that a cabal called In the Shadows were going to call for a
cirtiman circule and demand that both James and Sean be stripped
from the council. However the council voice stepped in and
convinced the group to wait things out promising that it would get
better. Tensions though didn't die, but the cabal agreed to wait.
Then suddenly James was accused of attempting to strip an innocent
mage of power and in the ensuing scandal he lost all of his
reputation and was banished from the city nearly a year ago.
Immediatly upon his leaving Sean went off on a spiritual journey of
his own leaving his council seat to a long time friend and ally.
However Victor didn't want the position seeing politics were an
empty thing and passed it on again to the newest council member.
The strife again in the city highened to the point of a near all out
war between cabals a war more of words and actions and slowly the
mages in the city found themselves in the middle of several
factions. Each trying to sieze the council in their own way. Each
with their own idea of how to best unify the city how to make it the
best thing possible. Slowly nodes were closed off or destroyed as
the tension escalated to the point of all out magical attacks.
Quickly mages of Chicago tired of this, they have not been able to
meet in peace in months and have finally stood up and said enough is
enough. The comminuty is standing up and saying this will stop

However the fued has caused such bad blood that only a cirtiman duel
will settle the issue once and for all. At midnight on the first
the two faction leaders meet for the duel but only one walked away.
The score settled with a life. A call goes out for peace but it is
too late. Now a call goes out for the mages to gather in peace
again. To work together to regain what has been lost over the last
few months.

My fellow mages-
I emplore you to come out show that we are still a community. Show
that we can rise above petty politics and work again together
against those that are true enemies. I hope to see you all on
Saturday December 4th at Tomorrow's Dawn.

Thank you
Master and Tradition Head of the Verbena


I want to play my character from x y or z chronicle how do I make it

EASY!! Your character has done all the stuff it has done in that
game. You just did it and know the other characters who come in
from Detroit instead of x y or z city.

Is this the Fading Hoizon's Universe?

No sorry the Fading Horizon staff is on hiatus until further
notice. Keep in mind that bringing your character from that game
here may mean you can't take it back.

Why are you starting this game?

Easy we have a mage story we wanted to tell and players wanted to
play mage. This is meant to be a long term chronicle not a short
mini series.

Thank you for your time and patience hope to see you Satuday

Kit and Kim
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