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Just for those who would like to know...nifty big info about Changeling game coming up this weekend.

What Dreams May Come: A Christmas Story.

Chicago. December 24th, 2034.

It's been almost 8 years since Winter began. There aren't many of you
left- they've all either gone back home, or...

You're one of the few left in the Autumn World. And life is far from
easy. You feel the cold everywhere around you- so deep-cutting, so
profound, it's hard to imagine life with anything else. There's still
a few places where you can go, thankfully. But not many. And more are
being lost everyday.

And then there are the Patrols- you have to keep moving, because they
never stop looking for you. Ever.

The wind's kicking up.

It's beginning to snow again.

Merry Christmas.
the deal:

create new starting changeling characters. add an extra 20 char-gen
points. these will be one-time use characters only.

when: december 5th, 6pm.

where: fight shop- 648 w. randolph, 3rd floor.

who: run by me (james), HST at chicago: arcadia renewed

how much: $5, same as always.

any questions, email, or
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